Lagos, Nigeria
  •  Designing and commissioning MV and LV switchgear 
  • Work with clients in Mining, Oil and Gas, Water, Wastewater, Manufacturing industries. 
  • Taking ownership of projects, initially as a contributing member of a design/solution delivery team 
  • Practical site experience working with electrical installation contractors 

Minimum requirements 
  • 7 years or more relevant work experience in the Industrial, mining sector and petrochemical environment.
  • Large multi-discipline mining projects with knowledge of conveyor belts, VSD drives, water pump stations and bulk material handling. 
  • Registered with ECSA as a Professional Electrical Technologist or Professional Electrical Engineer
  • Experience that has intersected with consulting, either directly or as a client or contractor
  • Enthusiastic and capable of designing opportunities to blend control, instrumentation, data, and virtual reality into well-coordinated systems. 

Characteristics, and skills 
  • You can choose to be a specialist, a generalist, or a combination, all depending on how you best contribute your talents and strengths to a functional team. 
  • The environment we operate in is industrial in nature and your interests need to align the technical and commercial realties of the fourth industrial revolution. 
  • Our clients are successful companies in the Mining, Oil and Gas, Water, Wastewater, Manufacturing industries. They are increasingly focused on energy efficiency and effective data management strategies. 
  • Financial success is a bye-product of the smart application of our skills, time and attention and we look to both holistic thinkers and specialists to drive our aspirations. 
  • You will be a vital link in creating value for our clients, and ourselves, no easy feat in this modern world, but very possible and exciting. 
  • Your most important attribute however will be your attitude. Positive, engaging, with a can-do stance, willing to take on any challenge as a lifelong learner.