Lagos, Nigeria

The Head Recovery Unit is responsible for recovery management and litigation matters.


  • Verify compliance and proper filling of loan agreements. 
  • Follow up on loan insurance and quality guarantees. 
  • Assess the situation of late payment to facilitate speedy customer in the payment. 
  • Establish recovery procedures for managing customers in arrears


1. Quality control and production arrears management: 
  • Ensure the recovery of written off loans 
  • Monitor customer file and late payment in arrears 
  • Perform reminders by telephone, mail or in the field of late payment by customers 
  • Apply debt collection procedures to unpaid instalments 
  • Maintain close contact with customers when necessary and feasible 
  • Achieve given recovery targets 
  • Negotiate a new schedule in case of actual difficulty of the customer found 
  • Ensure recovering unpaid instalments is in accordance to the banks’ policy

2. Controls 

  • Checking loan agreements. 
  • Guarantees of the implementation of loan insurance. 
  • Monitoring customers’ compliance to timeline.

3. Company’s Representative:  

  • Representing the company in the relationship with: Customers - external legal stakeholders in the collection - insurers.


Risk Assessment and Control: 
  • Identify risk and assess impact of the identified risks/Propose contingency plans to deal with emergencies/Assist in the management of Branch. 
  • Credit processing system/Controls loan files based on tangible elements.

Market knowledge and trend analysis: 
  • Monitor market trend and sectoral risk correlations which may impact lending. 

Internal control: 
  • Coordination of internal control and means of control
  • Ensure first level controls and supervisory controls areperformed by staff/Identify loopholes and weaknesses in the internal control system and recommend a solution.
Diagnosis and implementation of recommendations/action plans
  • Carrying out the diagnosis/Making observations and drawing up recommendations 

Monitoring and Risk reporting: 
  • Monitoring tools/Indicators/Frequency/Prepare an audit report to specified standards/Monitor composition and concentration of risk in the Bank's portfolio/ Monitor migration of risk levels within the portfolio segment/ Report writing.

Operating and credit risk management: 
  • Analysis and identification of credit risks/Identify and analyse risk inherent in the significant activities (Lending, deposit and financial services) of the bank. 

Impact analysis and measurement: 
  • Identification of risks/Impact analysis/Monitoring procedures and regulation/Management of excesses 

  • AML (anti-money laundering), regulatory control, etc./Develops, initiates, maintains, and revises the Compliance Program/Ensures compliance with the bank's policies, processes and procedures. 

Recovery management/Control: 
  • Follow-up of arrears > 90days/Planning of recovery actions/Instigating legal proceedings when necessary. 

Recovery strategies: 
  • Identify best practices regarding arrears recovery/ ensure compliance to arrears management best practices and policies/Ad-hoc task related to recovery of loans in arrears. 

Arrears portfolio management: 
  • Identify arrears clients transferred to recovery unit/manage assigned arrears portfolio as designated by recovery head. 

  • Follow-up of existing lawsuits/Relations with lawyers/ Defending the company's interests.

Cross-Functional skills

  • Analysis of topics covered/Summarising/Identification of key points 
  • Identification and management of priorities/Prioritising tasks 
  • Knowledge of the management systems and IT tools required
    Scheduling/Business monitoring/Coordination of players involved/Negotiation 
  • Evaluation of scenarios or alternatives/Working out solutions 
  • Writing documents/ Effective communication/Oral presentations in French and English

Behavioural skills

  • Analysis of work situations/Organisational effectiveness/ Sense of priorities 
  • Taking initiatives/taking a step back/Analytical ability/ Initiating change 
  • Handling difficult individual and collective situations/ Maintaining dialogue/Negotiation
    Sense of service/ Listening / Individual communication 
  • Listening/Respecting instructions/Openness to learning
  •  Participation in collective missions /Solidarity/ Helping each other out

Application deadline: 28th July 2023