Chief Financial Officer: Johannesburg, S.A

Johannesburg, South Africa

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

The position requires one to provide strategic financial leadership to the Group and managing the financial health and governance of the organisation. As a member of the Executive Committee the job has a direct influence on the Organisational Strategy and Value creation/preservation. The role includes:

  • Oversight of the investment of funds held by the company, weighing up and managing associated risks.
  • Oversight of cash management activities, capital-raising strategies to support the firm's expansion, and deal with mergers and acquisitions.

Provide Strategic Leadership

Develop Company financial strategy and oversee implementation of same, incorporating:

  • corporate governance
  • treasury and cash management
  • shareholder information
  • Budgeting
  • Compliance (TAX /FATCA/FCSA/NCR)

Develop the corporate strategy as a member of the Executive Committee.

Work with the CEO cultivations of stakeholder relationships, as well as assisting in business development and negotiation of contracts.

Contribute towards the delivery of company financial targets in respect of revenue and cost management as part of executive team.

Serve on the following Committees:

  • Remuneration
  • Risk
  • Audit

When required attend Board and subcommittee meetings; including being participation in the Audit/Risk Committee.

Serve as one of the trustees and oversee administration and financial reporting of the organization's Savings and Retirement Plan should such participation be required.

Financial Management

Ensure that the following is undertaken in accordance with agreed standards and ready for presentation to relevant committees:

  • Statutory Reporting
  • Audit reporting

Ensure that technical accounting, corporate finance and tax related projects are undertaken, implemented and reported on.

Ensure that appropriate information is prepared and ready for presentation to the Board and Audit Committees as and when required.

Be a strategic part of the Remuneration Committee.

  • Assist in the design, implementation, and timely calculations of wage incentives, commissions, and salaries for the staff.
  • Oversee payroll activity for staff and participants.
  • Investigate and implement cost-effective benefit plans and other fringe benefits which the organization may offer employees and potential employees with the goal of attracting and retaining qualified individuals.

Evaluate and review investment proposals in respect of all company assets and new acquisitions and oversee due diligence as necessary.

Responsible for cash management in terms of CA requirements and free cash.

Monitor banking activities of the organization.

Ensure adequate cash flow to meet the organization's needs.

Oversee Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable.

Ensure a disaster recovery plan and business continuity plan are in place.

Oversee the acquisition and maintenance of all fixed assets.

Negotiate financial aspects of contracts for the Company.

Reporting and Consolidation

Oversee the management and coordination of all fiscal reporting activities for the organization including: FCSA reports, annual financial statements, reports to funding agencies, development and monitoring of organizational and contract/grant budgets.

Oversee the production of monthly reports including reconciliations with funders, as well as financial statements and cash flow projections for use by Executive management, as well as the Audit/Risk Committee or any other relevant reporting body.

Report on financial performance and financial position of the Company to the Executive Committee and Board Committee.

Oversee the provision of interim and Annual Financial Report for distribution to stakeholders.

Responsible for the content of the Annual Financial Report and ensure that it complies with regulatory requirements.

Prepare variance/exception reports on trial balance.

Financial and risk reporting to appropriate forums.

Ensure group financial consolidation systems exist and drive efficiencies.

Compile the CEO reports and take ownership of the statutory and regulatory reporting for the company.

Management Accounting, Budgeting and Forecasting

Compile and plan budgets with focus on strategy and long-term sustainability.

Prepare quarterly rolling forecasts in line with the business/market strategy.

Review OPEX and CAPEX budgets.

Present group budget consolidations to appropriate forums.

Review and report on returns on capital investments.

Review management accounts and analyze same for reporting and adjustment purposes and provide guidelines to Executive Committee for planning purposes.

Ensure all budgets and reports are delivered within set time-frames.

Group Risk and Compliance Management:

Oversee the development and implementation in respect of the following:

  • Enterprise-wide risk management
  • Compliance
  • Internal audit
  • Group Insurance
  • Corporate governance
  • Accounting policies, procedures and internal controls

Ensure that the necessary control environment in the company is operational and meets with required standards

Evaluate company risk in terms of the risk management plans and insurable risks

Ensure compliance with all statutory requirements including tax authorities, legislation and reserve bank regulations etc.

  • Manage and ensure appropriate controls on GL maintenance, invoice payments, disbursements to clients, drawdowns from investors, journal processing, 3rd party payments, salary funding, debtors, taxation, and control account reconciliations, etc.

Ensure adequate controls are in place and that supporting documentation is available such that all purchases may pass independent audits.

Develop and maintain systems of internal controls to safeguard financial assets of the organization. Oversee the coordination and activities of independent auditors ensuring all audit issues are resolved, and all compliance issues are met, and the preparation of the annual financial statements is in accordance with IFRS.

Corporate Finance and M&A’s:

Lead initiation of engagement process;

Produce financial due diligence reports (including: changes after reviews);

Perform valuations and produce initial draft reports (including changes after reviews and client feedback);

Performance of fairness opinions.

Ensure that relevant financial models are prepared.

Conduct viability studies and capital investment appraisals.

Deal structuring and implementation

Fund Management:

Responsible for the integrity of all financial reports of the Fund Manager and the Funds, in addition ensuring they are complete, accurate, in accordance with IFRS requirements and timeous.

Prepare monthly management accounting reports for the Fund Manager and the Funds

Performing treasury functions for the Fund Manager and the Funds.

People Management:

Build a solid finance organisation

Lead in-line with the Company’s leadership ethos

Relationship Management:

Manage relations with the internal and external auditors during their annual review and co-ordinate audit processes to ensure appropriate measures are in place to action audit findings.

Relationship building and liaison with various areas on reporting, budget requirements and deadlines.

Manage and build relations with other external stakeholders.  


  • CA(SA) or Equivalent


  • 10-15 years Financial Management experience in the Financial Services Industry.
  • At least 3 years executive leadership experience including serving on boards and or similar forums.